Lundonia Artists’ mission is to engage and communicate with audiences in the live performance of compelling music.

The skills and services we offer include providing instrumentalists, vocalists and ensembles of the highest calibre for your event, concert or recording session.

Our artists are (for the most part) trained in European (“Western classical”) traditions as well as others, and have an immense repertoire and range. We can perform anything that could feasibly be played or sung by a highly-skilled ensemble, given sufficient notice and resources to write, transcribe and/or arrange and prepare pieces for performance.

We make music in prisons, tents, houses, castles, community centres, churches, hotels, ships and skyscrapers. Whatever the location, if we can get to it with our selves and instruments intact, we can share our music with you there.

We are a self-selecting, fluid group of talented and experienced professional artists. Each of us is on a personal journey, exploring, creating and performing works that especially move us as individuals. Our live performances can also be tailored to whatever your musical interests or fantasies might be.

We can play in costume, including in historically accurate dress, if it matches a desired performance style. For example, we can present mediaeval, renaissance, baroque and classical-era performances dressed in the fashion of the time, in as authentic or as fanciful style as you might like.

We see our audiences as partners in a communion, and hope that the experience of sharing our gifts together with you moves us all (and a small part of the planet we live on) to places we haven’t been before.

Musicians and ensembles working with Lundonia Artists include

altoTune (viola quartet)

Anna Tam (singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist)

Camerata of London (chamber & symphony orchestra, smaller mixed ensembles)

Camerata Singers (a capella or accompanied vocal ensemble)

Camerata Wind Quintet (flue, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)

Chris Brody (viola/violin, bass/baritone, fixer, promoter)

Crystal Palace Quartet (string quartet: two violins, viola, cello)

Lundonia Ensemble (any combination of instruments and voices)

Wilde Roses (Mediaeval / Renaissance folk group)



Telephone, SMS etc.: +44 (0)7769 723319

Flat 9 Waltham Court
Garner Road
London E17 4HF