Lundonia Artists’ mission is to aurally and visually stimulate and engage audiences in the live performance of solo and small-to-medium ensemble music, primarily from Western European traditions, in ways that take into account the historical context of when the music was first composed and performed.

The skills and services we offer include providing instrumentalists, vocalists and ensembles of the highest calibre for your event, concert or recording session.

Our musicians have an immense range and repertoire and can perform anything that could feasibly be played or sung by a professionally-trained ensemble, given sufficient notice and the resources to compose, transcribe and/or arrange and prepare the works(s) for performance, as may be required for a particular project.

We present music in venues ranging from prison cells to revolving skyscraper restaurants, from fabric tents to massive stone castles, from local community centres to grand international hotels, from local churches to gothic cathedrals, from narrowboats to cruise liners plowing the ocean. Whether it’s it a private dwelling, a local community centre, eating or drinking establishment, village or town hall, concert hall, opera house, church, mosque, temple, arena, coliseum, valley, meadow, natural bowl, hilltop, or recording studio: if we can get ourselves to a location with ourselves and instruments intact, we can make music there.

We enjoy playing in costume, including in historically accurate dress, if it matches your desired performance style. For example, we can present medieval, renaissance, baroque and classical-era performances apparelled in the fashion of the time that the music was written, in as authentic or as fanciful style as you might like.

As experienced performers, teachers, workshop leaders, singing actors and with huge amount of stage presentation experience, we can orally introduce each musical opus to any kind and age of audience: from baebes, toddlers, schoolchildren, festival-goers of all descriptions, students, holiday camp and cruise ship audiences, to academic conferences. We run workshops, demonstrate and allow attendees to try our instruments, teach tunes, songs and techniques, and take musical works apart in ways that can help everyone from the novice listener to classical music expert find new and interesting details to concentrate on in the music and lead them on the road to being able to better appreciate what they hear.

We are a self-selecting, ever-growing and fluid group of professionally trained musicians. Each of us is on our own personal journey, where we explore areas of musical performance that especially move us, resulting in an increased commitment to sharing our unique gifts with others. Our performances can be tailored to our own current projects andinterests, and/or to whatever your own musical fantasies might be. If you have a pulse, our music is for you. By the end of our performance you will be beating, dancing, singing, playing, crying in synchronicity with us.

We make convincing music hailing from any period or place of origin, with as much genuine authenticity and energy as we can give it resulting in an immense range of dynamic, tempo, mood, genre and style. Given the different nature of our individual journeys as performers, as well as being active listeners, this often leads to discoveries and revelations, with you – our audiences – as observers as well as being active participants in the process. We are always learning from each other, and our aim is that you will take vivid and lasting memories of the event and experiences that brought us together, leaving you (and hopefully the planet we live on) in a better place than before.

Musicians and ensembles working with Lundonia Artists include

altoTune (viola quartet)

Anna Tam (folk singer, soprano, multi-instrumentalist)

Camerata of London (chamber & symphony orchestra, smaller mixed ensembles)

Camerata Singers (a capella or accompanied vocal ensemble)

Camerata Wind Quintet (flue, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)

Chris Brody (viola/violin, bass/baritone, fixer, promoter)

Crystal Palace Quartet (string quartet: two violins, viola, cello)

Lundonia Ensemble (any combination of strings, winds and keyboard)

Rosamunde Quartet

Surrey Sinfonietta (Community Music)

Wilde Roses (Mediaeval / Renaissance folk duo/trio)



Telephone, SMS etc.: +44 (0)7769 723319

Flat 9 Waltham Court
Garner Road
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