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The background

Cameroon is revising its land and natural resources laws. The LandCam project supports this effort by piloting approaches on the ground and helping citizens participate in the reform process. was contracted by IIED (one of the lead partners in the project) to build a website.

The brief

The website supports the project by offering:
• Support inter-ministerial coordination by providing easy access to the latest publicly available draft legislations, policy proposals and land use plan drafts.
• The ability to ensure that the latest proposals generated by the multi-stakeholder dialogue are available to decision-makers, along with all the policy and practice guidance publications generated throughout the action – including monitoring reports.
• A centralised location for partners/stakeholders to post project-related event announcements, press releases and meeting minutes.
• A space where stakeholders and partners to contribute blogs and thought-pieces.
• A tracking mechanism for changes in land use and policy.


The website needed to include the following features:
• Bi-lingual (French/English) content and back-end editing interface
• Searchable repository of resources with search and filtering options
• Media area providing resources and contacts for journalists
• Social feeds and the ability to disseminate and share site content via multiple channels, including an email newsletter
• User roles/accounts for multiple site editors in the UK and Cameroon
• Simple content editing interface with user documentation/training
• Ability for site editors to upload and insert inline images and videos
• Google Analytics enabled and monitoring account created for launch
• Cross browser/mobile/tablet compatible

The solution

Working closely with the client, we developed a fully responsive bi-lingual website in Drupal v.8, using a selection of core, contributed and custom-coded software modules. Working from mobile-first design mockups and utilising a Bootstrap v.4 framework, we built a the English and French web site with content provided by the client. Automated RSS-to-email newsletter subscriptions (via MailChimp) and Google Analytics were integrated into the site. Administrator and site editor user roles were created, and training was provided on the platform. Frequent content updates, including document uploads, and media mentions are carried out by the site’s editors in the UK and Cameroon.

The site

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