Conservation, Crime and Communities

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The background

The Conservation, Crime and Communities (Communities for Wildlife) project is about engaging communities to tackle the illegal wildlife trade (IWT), primarily in the global South.

The brief

The requirement was for a new online portal with features including:

  • Facilities for collecting and sharing information on examples of community based approaches to wildlife management and their effectiveness in tackling illegal wildlife trade
  • An interactive case studies database
  • Links to relevant news stories
  • Key information updates on IWT issues
  • Social media feed integration

The solution

Working closely with the client, we developed a responsive website in Drupal v.7, using a selection of core, contributed and custom-coded software modules. Working from wireframe prototypes and mobile-first design mockups, and using state of the art tools, we built a community-editable web site with content provided by the client and their partners. The live site is hosted on an Acquia cloud server with front-end caching, and considerable work went into ensuring a fast and accessible website for visitors in both the global North and South, on any size device. Administrator and site editor user roles were created, and training was provided on the platform. Subsequent content updates (such as new case study texts and PDF document uploads) were – and continue to be – carried out by the site’s users.

The site

The original site is no longer live. A new site which built on its success, and which was also built with as lead developer is at

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