About cbrody.com

Drawing on the expertise of its lead consultant, Chris Brody, cbrody.com is able to offer a wide range of services. The company has attracted a varied client list, including non-profit research institutes, arts organisations, musical ensembles and soloists, and private and publicly owned for-profit companies in an eclectic variety of industry sectors.

cbrody.com is based in Walthamstow and is always pleased to welcome new clients from London and the Southeast. If your needs don’t require a site visit, as in the case of our ISP and web design services, we are happy to be of service to companies throughout the UK and beyond.

Depending on the nature of your project, we are able to draw on a number of highly skilled and vetted professionals. We are able to negotiate favourable terms with a number of suppliers of technology and services, giving you the highest possible value for minimal cost.

About Chris Brody

Chris has been in the IT business for over twenty years. His prior roles include software developer, support engineer, project manager and IT manager for firms in the telecommunications, broadcasting and software development sectors. You can download Chris Brody’s CV [PDF] here.

Chris is also a professional musician: view his music CV here. His blog can be found at www.peaceblog.org